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Our newest product is now available on the Blender Market.

Blood Bursts and Splatters for Blender

The blender blood effects are a collection of animated blood effects you can use in blender. They are extremely easy to use. They are set up in a way that you just need to append them into your scene and move them where you want. You can control where on the timeline the animations starts and adjust the material to your liking. No more adding blood in external programs such as After Affects. You can now add it directly in blender and have more control.

Also included are four free blood sound effects. The only blood sound effects used in the demo are the free ones included.
What is included?

4 – Animated Blood Burst Effects
3 – Blood Splatter Effects
4 – Free Blood Sound Effects
Video tutorials
Pdf version tutorial

Get the Blender Blood Effects

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